• Surefire P2X Fury® with IntelliBeam™ Technology
  • Surefire P2X Fury® with IntelliBeam™ Technology
  • Surefire P2X Fury® with IntelliBeam™ Technology
  • Surefire P2X Fury® with IntelliBeam™ Technology

Surefire P2X Fury® with IntelliBeam™ Technology

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This innovative, automatically adjusting version of the original P2X Fury takes full advantage of the variable-output capability of one of SureFire’s brightest and most popular LED flashlights. Our proprietary IntelliBeam™ Technology—an intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system—continuously evaluates your environment and seamlessly adjusts light output, from 15 up to 600 lumens, based on the scope of your surroundings. Just press or click its tailcap switch to access this auto-adjusting mode, which delivers just the right amount of light output. Return to off and press or click again within one second to activate max-output/tactical mode, which locks in all 600 lumens—ideal when maximum output is what you need.
The P2X Fury with IntelliBeam Technology—like all other Fury models—uses a high-performance LED to deliver its perfect light that’s focused by a parabolic reflector into a smooth, comparatively wide beam with a bright central area and generous peripheral light. The high-strength aerospace aluminum body is ergonomically shaped and knurled to provide a comfortable yet secure grip, and it’s hard anodized to military specifications (Mil-Spec Type III) for extreme resistance to abrasions and corrosion.



  • IntelliBeam™ Technology automatically and seamlessly adjusts light output from 15 to 600 lumens depending on environmental conditions
  • Its high-performance LED and parabolic reflector create a smooth, highly useful beam with a far-reaching center and significant surround light for maintaining situational awareness
  • First press or click of the tailcap switch selects auto-adjusting IntelliBeam™ mode; return to off and press or click on again within one second to select max-output/tactical mode
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability; weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission
  • Tailcap switch “locks out” to prevent activation during transport or storage
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life


Output / Runtime -- White Light
 Output Max/Min 600 / 15 .0 lumens
Runtime at Max/Min Output 1.5 / 46 .0 hours
Length 5 .80 inches
Bezel Diameter 1 .37 inches
Body Diameter 1 .00 inches
Weight w/Batteries 6 .2 ounces
Batteries 2 123A  (included)