• Powertraveller Solargorilla 5V and 20V Solar Portable Charger
  • Powertraveller Solargorilla 5V and 20V Solar Portable Charger
  • Powertraveller Solargorilla 5V and 20V Solar Portable Charger

Powertraveller Solargorilla 5V and 20V Solar Portable Charger

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Powertraveller Solargorilla 5V and 20V Solar Portable Charger

  • Portable solar charger for charging laptops (up to 40Watts) directly
  • USB socket for charging electronic devices up to 5V (smartphones, iPods etc.)
  • Fully water resistant
  • Adaptors for most major laptop and mobile brands supplied
  • Rugged and lightweight build for outdoor use

Developed by an award-winning manufacturer, the solargorilla portable solar charger will charge laptops and netbooks up to 40 Watts and virtually any 5V electronic device directly from the sun.

5V and 20V output:
The solargorilla has two output ports – a 5V USB socket and a 20V DC socket. From the 5V USB socket you can charge your smaller devices such as smartphone, iPod, GPS, headlamp, etc., whilst the 20V DC socket can be used to charge laptops and netbooks.

To Work Out The Voltage Of Your Device:
If your device is charged via a USB socket – the maximum voltage of your device will be 5 Volts. For other products, the voltage your device requires can be found in either the user manual supplied with the device or on the AC mains charger. To work out the wattage of your laptop, please refer to the user guide supplied with your device.

Works With:
The solargorilla will work with most major laptop and netbook brands including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Lenovo and virtually any 5V electronic device such as smartphones, iPods, GPS, handheld action cameras, Sat Navs, headlamps, torches, e-readers and more. Please note, to charge Apple devices you will require either a MagSafe cable or your white sync/charge cable supplied with your Apple product.

Perfect for Outdoor use:
The solargorilla is made from a tough, rubberised water-resistant casing and comes with a protective neoprene storage case featuring mesh pockets to store cables and adaptor tips, plus a handy Velcro strap to attach it to backpacks or tents. The photovoltaic solar panels are non-reflective and generate electric current when exposed to the sun’s rays, providing power for your devices.

Stylish and Compact Design:
A compact clam-shell design means the solargorilla is lightweight and portable. Weighing just 700g and measuring just 264 x 200 x 19mm when folded, the solargorilla is perfect for even the most space-conscious traveller.

Recharging the powergorilla:
The solargorilla was primarily designed as a solar charging option for the powergorilla portable laptop charger. When used in conjunction with the powergorilla you have a totally portable power station - perfect for when you're off the beaten track.

Who’s It Suitable For?
The solargorilla is ideally suited for those that are away from AC mains power but have access to good sunlight and wish to charge their “can’t live without” devices. Negating the need to carry batteries and being subjected to extremely hot and very cold temperatures, the solargorilla can successfully charged laptops up to 40W and power-hungry 5V devices. Please note: The solargorilla relies on the UV intensity of the sun. Therefore, at certain times of the year it may not be suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere unless combined with the powergorilla.