• Powertraveller Powermonkey Classic
  • Powertraveller Powermonkey Classic

Powertraveller Powermonkey Classic

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Powertraveller Powermonkey Classic Portable Charger:
  • Sleek and compact streamline design for slipping in a pocket
  • Charges most 5V portable electronic devices (smartphones, iPods etc.)
  • Fully charges an iPhone / smartphone up to 2 times
  • Ideal for the “on the go” user
  • Recharge Powermonkey Classic by either USB or AC mains plug

The powermonkey classic is a lightweight portable charger for 5V electronic devices. It is capable of giving you up to 2 full charges on an iPhone or smartphone, up to 40 hours playtime on an iPod, or an additional 5 hours gaming on Sony PSP / Nintendo DS systems, as well as being able to charge virtually any other 5V electronic device.

Works With:
The powermonkey classic will charge any 5V device – these are devices that can be recharged via USB i.e. smartphones / iPhones, standard mobile phones, iPods / MP3 players, e-readers, Sat Navs, handheld games consoles, headlamps and more.

To work out the voltage of your device:
If your device is charged via a USB socket (either directly into a computer socket or via a USB AC power plug) – the maximum voltage of your device will be 5 Volts, therefore the powermonkey classic is perfect.

Battery Capacity and Charge Times:
The powermonkey classic houses a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery and this will output power at the same rate as if you were charging your device from AC mains power.

Stylish and Compact Design:
The powermonkey classic’s sleek, bullet-shaped design means it slips perfectly into bags and pockets and weighing just 70g it’s light enough to carry around.

Who’s It Suitable For?
If you can’t bear your small portable gadgets running out of juice, the powermonkey classic should always be in your bag.