• Powertraveller Powerchimp 4A Rugged Lightweight Dual Purpose Charger
  • Powertraveller Powerchimp 4A Rugged Lightweight Dual Purpose Charger

Powertraveller Powerchimp 4A Rugged Lightweight Dual Purpose Charger

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Powertraveller Powerchimp 4A Rugged Lightweight Dual Purpose Charger

  • Unique AA & AAA battery charger
  • Can charge AA & AAA batteries simultaneously
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Also capable of charging small 5V devices directly
  • Powered via USB

Powertraveller powerchimp4A AA & AAA battery charger:
This useful, innovative and unique battery charger will recharge up to 4 x AA, 4 x AAA or a mixture of the two at any one time - handy if you use a lot of batteries! Powered via USB, the powerchimp4A can also recharge 5V devices such as smartphones, GPS and more.

Works with Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries:
The powerchimp4A will work with Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries of different capacities, thanks to its independent charging feature. This feature also means you don't have to have a battery in every slot as it will only supply power to the slots in use. (Please note, alkaline and zinc rechargeable batteries are not compatible.)

Charges 5V electronic devices:
The powerchimp4A can also be used as an emergency charger for your small 5V portable devices. It can give an iPhone / smartphone up to one full charge or iPods / MP3 players up to 2 charges, as well as providing emergency juice to various other 5V devices including Sat Navs, e-readers, head lamps and more. Simply connect the included cable to the micro USB socket at the bottom of the unit and then attached to your device using the standard USB cable that comes with your device.

To work out the voltage of your device:
If your device is charged via a USB socket (either directly into a computer socket or via a USB AC power plug) - the maximum voltage of your device will be 5 Volts, therefore the powerchimp4A is perfect.

Battery Capacity and Charge Times:
You can use NI-MH or Ni-CD rechargeable batteries of different capacities, therefore the charging time will vary depending on the batteries used. Typically, AA batteries will take between 6-10 hours and AAA batteries will take between 3-6 hours to be recharged.

If you are using the powerchimp4A to charge your device, it will output power at the same rate as if you were charging your device from AC mains power.

Stylish and Compact Design:
Designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, the powerchimp4A weighs only 76g and can easily be slipped into backpacks or bags. The LED charging lights across the top of the unit indicate when the unit is receiving power and which slots are in use. A red LED indicates when the batteries are charging and this turns green once the battery in that slot is fully charged.

Who's It Suitable For?
The powerchimp4A is a useful accessory, charging batteries so they can be used in equipment such as head torches, GPS and Navigation systems, 2-way radios and any other device which runs from AA/AAA batteries. Also ideal as an emergency portable charger for your essential 5V devices.