• Powertraveller Monkeytails Cable Kit

Powertraveller Monkeytails Cable Kit

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Powertraveller Monkeytails Cable Kit

  • Tough but also flexible travel cables
  • Specialist design to ensure cables never become tangled
  • Connect, charge or sync
  • Kit contains 3 x USB cables for
  • Apple 30-pin, micro USB & mini USB

Powertraveller monkeytails cable kit:
Pack of three tough cables which allow you to connect, sync or charge a whole host of devices either via USB or via a Powertraveller portable charger.

Cable Connections:
The three cables included are USB to Apple 30-pin, USB to micro USB and USB to mini USB – covering the most widely used devices in the market today.

Tough and Flexible:
The monkeytail cables are made from high quality materials which keep them tangle-free yet rugged enough to withstand life’s knocks and spills.

Sync and Charge:
The monkeytail cables allow you to sync and charge your devices via USB, no need for separate cables.

Compact and Lightweight:
The cables in the monkeytails kit are extremely lightweight at roughly 20g each and measuring only 150mm in length, they won’t get tangled up in your bag.

Who’s It Suitable For?
If you rely on your devices whilst you’re away from mains power but can’t bear the age-old issue of untangling numerous cables from the bottom of your bag, then the monkeytails are for you. Allowing for easy connection, charging or syncing from one cable, the monkeytails should be a stable in your kit. They also make a fantastic add on accessory to all Powertraveller portable chargers.