Best Tactical Boots For Outdoor Activities

Posted on 25 March 2019

Airsoft in the woodsImage: Pixabay

There is nothing like spending a day in the forest jumping above the branches, breathing the fresh air, and moving in between the trees. 

Even the stepping in the mud part is pure joy when you are under the sky doing what you love. 

The thing is that that little outdoor trips in which you get your adrenaline shots can easily be ruined by lousy footwear.

Choosing the best tactical boots can be your best tactics for you and your airsoft team, trust us. Or any other outdoor activity you're into. These are boots made for the military. And they don't play around when it comes to equipment. 

We've chosen our top selling products with which you really can't miss. 

The Best Tactical Boots You Can't-Miss With

When it comes to choosing new boots for your adrenaline adventures, you should select a model that’s suitable for different terrains and weather conditions.

That way, you’ll ensure your purchase is actually a long-term investment. Your shoes are really your best buddies when we are talking about the hard ground play.

1. Salomon Forces Jungle Ultra Boots

Best hiking boots Salomon Forces Jungle

Salomon Forces Jungle Ultra Boots are developed specifically for warm and humid climates.

Thanks to their design with drainage holes, these boots get quickly dried, keeping your feet protected and letting your skin breathe.

This model is made of nubuck leather, it’s water-resistant and comes with the mudguard. More importantly, it has an anti-debris mesh upper, which ensures that every step you take is comfortable and safe.

2. Salomon Forces Quest 4D GTX Boots


For additional flexibility, you may want to consider Salomon Forces Quest 4D GTX Boots.

This model has a stable 4D Chassis that provides your feet with a healthy support, but it also enables you to easily take a jump or run.

This model has a unique, foamed cushion (OrthoLite® foam) that secures the highest comfort, along with the Sensifit technology which ensures any pair of feet, regardless of their shape, feels cosy and safe.

Protective Rubber Toe Cap will keep all the blisters away. Enjoy great stability, even on the roughest terrains.

3. Salomon Forces Toundra Mid Winter Snow Boots

Tactical winter boots Salomon

If you ask us which are the best tactical boots for winter, there is only one answer - Salomon Forces Toundra. 

This pair will keep you warm&dry through all of your winter missions. If you are going to Siberia or Iceland, you have no worries.

They keep the warm all up to - 40°C. At the same time, they are lightweight and flexible. 

4. Salomon Forces Quest 4D Boots

Hiking boots for women Salomon

The Salomon Forces Quest 4D Boots provide the support of a reliable mountain boot, but they also give you the flexibility to run and bend.

The mudguard protects your feet while also providing a stable grip. Anti-debris mesh, protective rubber heel and toe cap, along with the heel foam - provide optimal comfort.

The model comes in three different colours, black, burro and navajo.

5. Salomon Speed Assault Boots

Women assault boots Salomon

These Salomon Speed Assault Boots are equally perfect for warm weather as they are for wet terrains. The model ensures stability and great posture.

The ankle collar is made of a lightly padded material, which ensures a soft and comfy touch for your feet. Feet of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the best comfort thanks to the Sensifit technology and anti-debris mesh. No rocks, dust or sand will enter inside.

6. Salomon Forces XA Pro 3D Mid Forces Boots

Women forces boots

Similar to the above-mentioned model, Salomon Forces XA Pro 3D Mid Forces Boots is designed with hot climates in mind.

Made of water-resistant textiles and breathable mesh inside, this model will provide a stable support and the best comfort you can imagine. Specific lining (Gore-Tex®) contributes to the overall cosiness, and so does the Sensifit technology, the heel foam and the lacing system.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best tactical boots for your adrenalin outdoor activities!

Keep in mind though that, no matter what model you choose, it’s advisable to break in your boots and tie them the proper way.

Choose the right socks and wear your boots for a while inside your house just so that your feet get used to them.


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